Available Classes:
IRON101 -
Learn blacksmithing by going hands-on. Learn how to forge the primary tools used in the blacksmithing trade; a punch, hammer and tongs...
IRON201 -
Intermediate Blacksmithing
Through lecture, demonstration and hands-on work, students will learn to produce a piece of wrought iron grill work encompassing basic and intermediate connection techniques...
IRON204 -
Blacksmith's Tool Chest
Learn to make hardware to complete a blacksmith’s wooden tool chest. Hardware such as hinges, handles and handmade nails will be discussed, demonstrated and practiced in this short but intense traditional hardware course...
IRON301 -
Blacksmithing Bootcamp
This five-day course is an intensive introduction to the broad spectrum of what artistic blacksmiths do today and will challenge the most ardent beginner...
Learn hands-on the art of blacksmithing by attending our available classes at NAIT.
May 3, 2014
Blacksmith artist Shawn Cunningham, far left, with students Rex Mundy, Pat Steffes, Din Keye, and Tin Keye, who were among the other students who attended IRON204 - Blacksmith’s Tool Chest workshop.

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning metal-working skills that are needed to become a well-rounded blacksmith you have come to the right place! Our classes are designed for everyone, from novice (no metal working experience needed) to advanced levels.

A blacksmith heats metal with a gas or coal forge, shaping the metal or making welds without any metal addition. Learning this craft can be both rewarding and useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Bring out your artistic skills by creating decorative railings and gates, furniture and sculptures from metal.

Come join Shawn Cunningham in this exciting learning experience. He has been teaching blacksmithing since 1993 and has taught hundreds of students. Currently Shawn teaches through NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). Class sizes have a maximum of 8 students allowing for lots of individual attention to bring out everyone’s full potential. He has previously taught at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology), the Lacombe Blacksmith shop Museum, and Series at Red Deer College.

If you are interested in learning about blacksmithing, we encourage you to sign up for Blacksmithing - IRON101, the introductory blacksmithing course Shawn teaches at NAIT. Students will learn the basics of steel selection, tool design and heat treatment and will apply their knowledge as they develop each tool. This is a great hands-on course that introduces you to many of the fundamentals of blacksmithing, and the best place to get started if you are interested in this craft.

For our Intermediate Blacksmiths, we recommend Intermediate Blacksmithing - IRON201. The Intermediate Blacksmithing class requires knowledge of the basics, and some forging experience. This class takes the basic knowledge and experience and provides the skills you’ll need for advanced classes. The goal is to use all the basic forging techniques in the beginning class.

Or take the next step in developing your blacksmithing skills in our advanced Blacksmiths courses by joining our Blacksmithing Bootcamp - IRON301. This advanced class requires the completion of an intermediate class and at least a year forging experience.

For class schedules, and to register for classes, please review the complete list of Blacksmithing classes available at NAIT: Blacksmithing Courses
Classes are always full, so sign up early!