I’ve had to keep this on the down low for ages!
I got to work with one of my life list of people to collaborate with.
Karen Cantine’s work has always fascinated me.
The very first hammer I ever made was in an effort to raise some silver bowls to emulate work of hers that I’d admired .
back in 1988 neither effort were very successful but that did nothing to stifle my metals interests.
“Some “ years later we finally got to meet and a collabration managed to happen. I hope do more.

Please check out the amazing range of collaborative work in support of the alberta craft council. I forged the bottom bit and she the top.
Approximately 6”x6”x6” copper and sterling silver.
“ inspired by Hironymous Bosch”

Craft Collaborations Opens at 11am 🎉

The Alberta Craft Council is excited to present the third annual Craft Collaborations, an online auction fundraiser and in-person exhibition in celebration of Alberta’s enormous creative talent, from November 9 to December 9, 2022. Craft Collaborations brings together artists from across the province and across disciplines to create one-of-a-kind work.

Learn more:

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