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Axe forged from one piece of Tool steel

Rebound test on the 100 lbs anvil

Small anvil forging


Forging camp axes

Forging an axe from a farrier’s Rasp

Forge welding the axe bit made from a farriers rasp

Making of the Camp Axe


Blacksmithing 101 course

Team striking in Blacksmithing 101 at Nait in Edmonton

My blacksmithing 201 course at Nait.


Big valley jamboree 2018

Forging outside at -30°C

Striking for Taro Asano


How to dress down an “as forged “drift


Spring fuller


Angle peen hammer?

Final sizing of the rounding hammer handle hole

Forging a 4.5 pound rounding hammer

Forging a presentation welders chipping hammer

Hour glassing the eye this Friday afternoon

Re wedging a hammer

Using the hammer bolster and drift combo

Welder’s chipping hammer

Nail Header

Forging nail making tools - Nail Header

Scroll Jig

Using the Scroll jig

Special Interest

Forging a dome in 10 guage steel

Forging a retirement gift for a welder

Forging on the alldays 1 Cwt air hammer

Is the frame the decoration?

Making dragon tail bottle openers



Dragon age inquisition sword

Forging the Damascus dragon age inquisition sword for BioWare

Will it cleave? - Dragon age inquisition sword


Bolt tongs progression

Forging tongs on the 100lbs anvil

Railway rail way spike tongs

Twisting with my railway spike tongs in the vise