I purchased a propane forge from front step two years ago. I've loved it ever since. It's simple, easy and very effective. Built with a lot of care. I highly recommend it (over anything else, including the commercial ones). Anything Front Step makes is the best, period.

Shaun is one of the best blacksmiths around. Amazing smith, artist and teacher! ~ Ezekiel


A few friends and I took a course from Front Step Forge (their courses are now at NAIT) about 10 years ago. I have been hammering away since then! My propane forge that I bought from FSF is about 9 years old now, and they have rebuilt the insulation once (from my inappropriate poking). It is a rugged and reliable tool. In the ideal world it would be nice to make all of your tools, but you need to start somewhere: spend a few bucks and get a good forge from FSF. It will make this an enjoyable hobby for you, rather than struggling with a brake drum, your Mom's hairdryer and a bag of charcoal wondering why nothing works...  ~ Pat


Thanks again for saving my ass with making me a forge on such short notice back when mine wasn't cutting it any more....Still love it buddy. Great little forge! I say little but it's twice the size as the commercial ones on the market at half the price! Thanks again!

Big Iron Forge wouldn't be at proper welding temps with out you!  ~ Robert


Shaun is a top rate blacksmith and instructor. He has a wealth of experience and information that is incredibly valuable to anybody with aspirations for doing any sort of forge work. His course at NAIT taught me more in a weekend than i learned by myself over a couple of months and has allowed me to progress as a beginner much faster than I would have thought possible. Thanks Shaun! I look forward to taking more of your courses in the near future.  ~ Dave


I ordered a set of small axes to give as gifts and they turned out amazing. Shawn's work is Awseome and I would definately Reccomend front step forge.  ~ Adam


This is an incredible place. Shawn is a fantastic teacher and builds beautiful and functional things. I have ordered a variety of tools from him as well as a forge and everything has performed awesome and been very reliable. Super welcoming if you walk into his shop too do it sometime it will make your day.  ~ Hogan


Looking for something unique for the home? Woodworking project? Then Shawn is your guy. Great customer service, and wants to work with you on creating something phenomenal.  ~ Shaun


Best instructor I have had. Most amazing metal artist i have ever seen. Definitely a must see. ~ Chas